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I would like some help with this.......

     I have something that I could use some help with. 

     "We are seeking a strong willed Dianic who is secure with her spirituality to collaborate in a discussion group which will lead to the publication of an advanced spirituality/philosophy book through Llewellyn's.  If you can speak from your beliefs, or know of a Dianic who would be interested in this project, please reply.  The group will be meeting in the Twin Cities (MN) area.  To respond to this, please contact either myself at Squeek434@yahoo.com , or the moderator of the group at Tarothype@yahoo.com .  We will be happy to provide more information about this project if asked.  Also, we request that you provide a little background on your path and experience.  Thank you, and blessed be."

     I have tried almost everything that I can think of to find one of you ladies.  It's just hard, because the vast majority of the Dianics that are around here seem to enjoy keeping a very low profile.  Myself and the moderator of this project have nothing but respect for your faith and practices.  It is due to that respect that we wish to have your involvement in this project.

     I thank you for your time 

     blessed be
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