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This part is x-posted from solitarywiccans just to give you a bit of background on myself:

Wicca has been making its way in and out of my life since I was probably in 5th grade and now at 21, I believe it is time to make a commitment. No matter what, everything I do and am interested in points back to Wicca. I've looked up stuff for years and read a few books with different subjects, but now I'd really like to commit myself to learning and practicing Wicca as my religion/spiritual exercise.

I am interested in looking into Dianic Wicca as I begin my studies of Wicca in general.

I received some good advice from those in solitarywiccans, but I was mainly posting here just to get some opinions on what books are legitimate on the discussion of Dianic Wicca. I'd like to do some research, so maybe books that are good for research OR anything really. Just good reads.

Thanks in advance :)
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