Dianic Wicca

(and other Dianic/Feminist Traditions)

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This community was created for the discussion of Dianicism, whatever its form- mainly with Dianic Wicca/Witchcraft and Feminist Dianic Wicca/Witchcraft in mind. All are welcome- Dianic or other Traditions, Solitary or belonging to a group- as long as they remain respectful of the Dianic Tradition. Beginning students and Seekers are more than welcome, as much so as veteran students. Wisdom, whatever the age, can be benefitted from.

I'm not extremely picky about off-topic stuff, but be reasonable. If you can realistically tie Dianic Traditions, Goddess-worship, or Feminist Wicca into your post, you're probably fine. There are a few rules, mostly common sense...

_ ~ Trolls and flaming will not be tolerated. These offenses are the only ones that result in immediate banning without a warning. Reporting of offenders is very highly encouraged (email me at the address above, or comment in my journal).

_ ~ Do Not Ever bash others' Traditions. Doing so will get you one warning; second offense gets you immediate banning. This rule is in place to assure everyone's respect of one another.

_ ~ Please do not advertise communities and sites, unless they pertain to Wicca.

_ ~ Do Not post quizzes or memes, even if they're pagan related. Posts containing quizzes will be deleted without warning.

_ ~ Do Not post your IM handle and beg for messages. It's a very annoying habit, and there are communities made for such things.

_ ~ Please, no fluffy bunnies? If your idea of Wicca is a fun activity for weekends or slumber parties, you don't belong here.

_ ~ Do Not ask for love spells, and don't provide them. To put it simply, love spells = removal of free will. If you feel iffy about giving someone any kind of spell, trust your better judgement and don't hand it out. Discussion of spellwork is encouraged, though.

_ ~ When posting images (and you can post them, as long as they aren't extremely off-topic) please use the lj-cut if they're larger than 200x200 or are of a nude or otherwise graphic subject.

~your moderator